The Life Tree Center Is Proud To Announce That We Now Have A Great New Website!

Thanks to QC’s Web Design and SEO (, the Life Tree Center now has a brand new, very exciting website.

The Life Tree Center, as all of the faithful readers of this blog know, is a modest family company which performs all sorts of arboring activities such as planting, caretaking and nursing your trees into magnificent, living works of art!

For the most part, nature creates and modifies the growth of a tree effortlessly, often requiring no attendance. At least that’s how it’s worked over the course of many millions, possibly billions of years.

It is however surprising what a little human intervention can do to enhance the vitality of both the trees and other vegetation in your landscape.

The Smith family in Mahopac, New York recognized this when Bob Smith founded the Life Tree Center in 1893.

Their farm was located about fifty miles North of Times Square and a very industrialized New York City replete with all the air pollution of the late Nineteenth Century!

After all, it was in the late 1770’s when the Dutch scientist Jan Ingenhousz had performed the first experiments contributing to the discovery of photosynthesis, and Bob Smith studied his work.

In those days, taking a horse plowed field and meticulously placing tree saplings in rows was guaranteed to create the forests of tomorrow.

For us, those wooded areas are the spectacular forests that exist today. Every tree taking in carbon dioxide and providing us with pure, clean oxygen by which to live.

Over the years, the Life Tree Center’s mission has expanded to include fertilizing trees, performing tree service, stump grinding and other types of specialty landscaping.

We have also grown to a fleet of ten trucks operating throughout Westchester, the county just above New York City along with the burgeoning area on the West side of the Hudson River around West Point.




Our president Bob Smith IV found that in a metropolitan area with ten million people, our advertising needed to change with the times just like our company had.

So, he turned to QC’s Web Design and SEO to help the company face the demands of 21st Century business requirements.

Quentin Craft, the brains behind QC’s Web Design and SEO, looked at the Life Tree Center’s situation. He concluded that we had a very weak website with totally inadequate search engine optimization.

The days of the phone book and Yellow pages are over. People simply find goods and services over the ease and convenience of their own computers on the Internet. With dozens of competitors within a fifty mile radius, the Life Tree Center had no way to stand out.

For starters, QC’s Web Design and SEO persuaded our president Bob Smith IV to send out a professional photographer with the crews and get some well lit, crisp photography of our teams in action as they worked on the trees of our clients.

QC’s Web Design and SEO further encouraged Life Tree Center to produce a short, documentary style video that explained our services and put in some testimonials from happy clients.

Quentin Craft knew that good imagery and video links all serve to enhance a website and foster customer confidence. You see, in the early days of Google, your web designer could simply put in an “invisible” page with meta tags which could contain all the key words any potential customer might “Google” to source you out.

Not so any more since Google hired the preeminent mathematical Steven Wolfram to change the parameters of the search algorithm.

As a result, it really takes an expert nowadays to perform SEO.

The good news is that the collaboration between the Life Tree Center and QC’s Web Design and SEO was a smashing success!

Life Tree Center got one of the best arboring sites on the Internet and we nearly doubled our customer base within six months!